Sunday, December 26, 2010

TED TALK: Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution | Video on
This really is the bottom line regarding plastics. We must refuse them whenever and wherever possible.There will be some trade-offs. We need to take a step back in time in order to regain our footing. For me the bin liners are a killer. If you have ideas for dealing with kitchen needs send them to me or post a comment on this article. 
Some of the things we can do:
Purchase goods in glass jars and save them for food storage in the fridge.
Use a dish to cover over food in the fridge rather than plastic wrap
There are so many reasons not to use plastics in the freezer but alernatives are challenging -- use foil containers and then reuse them for as long as you can.
If your premises can't manage a compost bin then you might trial digging a small hole in the garden and bury the food waste progressively - it would keep the garden turned over too.

AUSMEPA has a free online Marine Pollution unit of work for middle year students. Click here for more

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