Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AUSMEPA Ship Membership, a flag of quality for Oceangas Services Australia

AUSMEPA is delighted to have Oceangas Services Australia and Geogas in our Ship Membership program.

To acknowledge quality shipping AUSMEPA operates a Ship Membership Scheme which rewards quality shipping trading to Australia by presenting them with a certificate and an AUSMEPA flag to be used in Australian ports.
It is internationally recognised that the owners and operators of quality ships understand the importance of protecting the marine environment and many take steps beyond the requirements of the international conventions and codes to ensure maximum environmental protection.
When presented with their AUSMEPA Ship Membership certificate and ship flags Kate Graham, Operations and Commerical Analyst at Oceangas Services Australia Pty. Ltd. said,
"Oceangas Services Australia chose to become Ship Members of AUSMEPA as we believe in highlighting and understanding the importance of protecting the marine environment. Our ships are able to fly the AUSMEPA flag in Australian ports which is instantly a sign that they have a good safety and environmental record. The fact that revenue generated from the ship membership scheme is used to further develop AUSMEPA's educational programs is also a great appeal.”

AUSMEPA is proud to be associated with ship owners and operators like Geogas who are committed to ocean health.

To be approved as an AUSMEPA Ship Member it is necessary to demonstrate a good safety and environmental record. If you own a quality ship operating in Australian waters you may wish to consider Ship Membership with AUSMEPA. You can find out more here


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