Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AUSMEPA 2014 school grant: Looking for signs - what’s left behind?

AUSMEPA is proud to announce the recipients of the 2014 Rhondda Alexander Memorial Environmental Education Grant.

Stella Maris Primary School and two other schools skirting the shores of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, are taking up a challenge to discover what stories, new and old, can be read from what is left behind. The project will be coordinated by Andrea Eales of the Port Phillip EcoCentre, St Kilda.

Students from each school will begin by studying an Aboriginal kitchen midden, guided by an Aboriginal educator from the Boon Wurrung Foundation. 

Courtesy of Bob Winters
Having gained an understanding and a sense of what was common in an earlier time the students will learn about local birds followed by surveys of marine molluscs and marine plastics to see how things have changed over the years. 

Courtesy of Bob Winters

The scientific data collected will contribute to ongoing scientific surveys of marine life and plastic debris in Port Phillip Bay.

Plastic nurdles courtesy of Pt Phillip BayKeeper 

Afterwards the students will meet at each of the schools to create a film focusing on Port Phillip marine life and plastic debris that will be available to an online community with more than 1000 schools, the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic. The film will also be provided to Bayside Council for inclusion the Brighter Schools e-newsletter sent to 34 schools in the municipality.

Project partners are; Stella Maris Primary School and Beaumaris Primary School (Beaumaris) and St Joseph’s Primary School (Black Rock), plus Port Phillip EcoCentre, Port PhillipBaykeeper and the Boon Wurrung Foundation

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