Friday, September 4, 2009

i sea, i care

The Dolphin Research Institute has been a flagship for cleaner seas education in Port Phillip and Western Port, Victoria, Australia.

Their student ambassador program "i sea, i care" has shown itself to be a perfect example of how to look for and find partners committed to finding science and education solutions for healthy ocean outcomes. AUSMEPA solutes them.

If you've got an innovative way to encourage integration of marine conservation education into schools or communities share it with us.


  1. We've had great luck getting kids involved in ocean projects by involving them in field studies that link art with ecology. Taking kids out to streams gives them an especially good connection to the sea, no matter how far from the ocean. I've had hundreds of kids get involved by having them simply touching a stream as we talk about how the water moves down to the sea and into the mouths of whales.......oh so far away. They then become stewards of the watershed because, I think, you need to tap into their innate love for whales, dolphins, and sea horses. Penguins too. Once you have them loving a sea creature, they begin to help their immediate surroundings. And, we need kids to care, up and down the streams as well as all along the coast.

    Aloha nui loa, Ron Hirschi
    Marrowstone Island, Washington State, USA