Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Healthy coastal waters depend on pollution free water coming off the land. Significant natural filtering systems are saltmarshes, mangroves and any other permanent or ephermeral (seasonal) wetlands occurring throughout the catchment or watershed. It is great to come across a project like Wetlandinfo initiated through the Queensland  Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM), in partnership with the Australian Government (via the Queensland Wetlands Program) hereThe Program is designed to develop and implement measures for the long-term conservation and management of wetlands in Queensland. To illustrate the breadth of what they have undertaken you are invited to exlpore the website menu bar (below) which makes your investigation into this excellent resource a breeze.


The Education reference section is strongly supported by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park student and teacher resources, Reef Beat series, and will be of special interest to educators as will the project information sheets.
AUSMEPA are proud to associated with and support this excellent collaborative. A link will be  added to WetlandInfo under our tools for Student Leadership for Coastal Conservation here.

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