Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It is pretty exciting to see a new wave of citizen science blossoming on a vital and hugely neglected buffering zone along Australia's coastlines. 

If you've been wanting to make a difference and not yet found your volunteer group 'perfect match' you might consider initiating your own Saltmarsh Watch (here) where you can find online information and instruction on how to undertake careful and considerate action of these colourful and dynamic ecosystems.  

AUSMEPA is also an organisation that recognises the need to protect our coastlines to ensure the health of our coasts. 

They have previously awarded the Port of Townsville with their Environmental Award for the rehabilitation of a badly degraded saltmarsh into a vibrant reserve...see more here

If you are in SE Qld and would like to try your hand, volunteers are needed at Bremner Road, Rothwell (Redcliffe Peninsula) from December through March 2014. To register your interest please contact either Bob on his email:  or 
Cheryl at Wetland Care:

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