Sunday, November 17, 2013


CoralWatch has just released the unit plan "Healthy Reefs from Polyp to Policy". 

This unit plan focuses on Grade 11 and 12 Marine Science and is linked to the Marine Science Senior Syllabus 2013, produced by Queensland Studies Authority,

‘Healthy Reefs - from Polyp to Policy’ contains lessons and activities that allow students to explore the definitions and determinants of reef health—from how the biology of corals is influenced by the environment, through to local and regional approaches to management of reef threats.

The unit plan is available for free. You can obtain it by emailing and requesting an electronic EOI-form to complete.

Imagine taking your students out on the reef to do important and serious work that is incredibly enjoyable too.

Visit the Coral Watch website at;jsessionid=ED488C75444230F81345D82400AD2FCE

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