Thursday, January 7, 2010


National Seaweek is a longtime tradition with schools around Australia and AUSMEPA is a proud sponsor of the Marine Education Society of Australasia (MESA).

This year the theme is OCEANS OF LIFE; ours to explore, ours to restore. Seaweek is set for the first week in March 2010 although all are invited to pick up and take it further at any time of the year.

On the website you will find some interesting general information about oceans, who owns the sea and what are major threats to it. Healthy oceans are vital to our health. The Big Blue provides us with important environmental services and one of those is production of most of the oxygen that allows people to breathe!

I highly recommend that you take a good look at the articles and fact sheets available on the MESA website: There is still time to put your thinking cap on and create an activity to celebrate our Oceans of Life. What will you do?

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