Monday, January 11, 2010


How do you create marine education opportunities where there are none and how do you ensure that you make the experience the best it can be?

Firstly somebody has to come up with a great idea,design a solution and try it out. The first Marine Discovery Centre started in Woodbridge Tasmania. The idea took flight across the Tasman, landing in Victoria by the mid 1980's. And then it just kept going! Now Marine Discovery Centres Australia (MDCA) boasts a network of 10 across this vast coast.

• Woodbridge Marine Discovery Centre in Tasmania
• Queenscliff Marine Discovery Centre in Victoria
• Henley Beach Marine Discovery Centre in South Australia
• Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury Western Australia
• Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre in Western Australia
• Bondi Beach Marine Discovery in New South Wales
• Ballina Marine Discovery Centre in New Sout Wales
• Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre, Eden, in New South Wales
• Adventure Education Marine Discovery Centre, Hastings Point, in New South Wales
• Thursday Island Marine Discovery Centre, Thursday Island in Queensland

Each center brings a tremendous educational ocean resource to its community and by grouping themselves into an alliance they add value to each others efforts. Each centre is different with some sited in schools while others are independent.

Ocean Whispers will bring you news about each of these wonderful centres during the year.

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