Monday, January 11, 2010

ADVENTURE EDUCATION Marine Discovery in Hastings Point NSW

Kerrie Trees invited AUSMEPA guest Fred Happy Eye, the Ambassador for Keeping Our Oceans Clean, to visit the astonishing Marine Discovery Centre museum and base for Adventure Education on the north coast of New South Wales.

Situated neatly within the North Star Caravan Park in the coastal village of Hastings Point, the Marine Discovery Centre resides on the upper level of the Seascape building within the Park. The array of realia and artifact displays are quite astounding. The Centre is punctuated by several small jewel-like living tanks and the entire space is like a movie set. The coloured lighting shows off the impressive coral reef display to perfection and large projectors have a flow of fascinating underwater themes that tie into various school programs. The centre hosts school camps, field trips and diving adventures. Students are challeneged to understand threats and impacts to the marine environment. They also workshop things everyone can do to help preserve diversity and natural systems through personal action and lateral thinking.

After examining a mystery object found on the shore (above) Fred was heard to remark in his inimitable style "Where's the action!". To his delight Kerrie got him out and about amongst the mangroves, rockpools and into the surf. (We could have guessed that!)

To find out more about the Adventure Education Hastings Point Marine Discovery Centre click here.

To find out more about Fred and his world travels promoting ocean conservation visit his blog SOAR

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  1. Aloha! Fred just sent me a text message saying how much he learned at the Discovery Centre (he even changed the American spelling of Cent(er)!!! So I know he has gone completely OZ. Almost all at the same time he sends me a photo of him with his new Alaia surfboard from Tom Wegener! Fred says he is applying for Australian Citizenship. He even signs now, Fred, Happy OZ Monkey! Much Aloha, Ron Hirschi