Saturday, May 5, 2012

AUSMEPA enters the PRIMEZONE portal

AUSMEPA has now entered the primezone education portal. It is about time for you to explore it here

Primezone provides teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources here. This website is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation, a national not-for-profit company with government, industry and education membership.

AUSMEPA resources can be found at each of the designated age levels and you'll find some excellent inspiration from many of the other resources on these pages.

1. School resources

2. Resources for Foundation Year-Year 2

3. Resources for Years 3-4

4. Resources for Years 5-6

5. Resources for Years 7-8

6. Resources for Years 9-10

7. Resources for Years 11-12

Many thanks to primezone for putting together this wonderful educational resource.

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