Monday, May 14, 2012

PLASTICITY; Rio Earth Summit

Have you heard of the side event being organized for the Rio Earth Summit, called Plasticity  This is all about the future of plastic, and where the leaders are going.   In the run-up to Rio, a cool ideas competition, called Capturing Gold  which anyone can get involved in.  It is being organized by Ocean Recovery Alliance of Hong Kong as well, so having some local support would be great!

Capturing Gold is an open source, collaborative idea platform for the planet to address two big challenges: 
1) how to capture and bring in, large quantities of “gold” (PET plastic bottles) from our societies, on a long term, sustained basis, and then 
2) what to do with that material in new, innovative ways.   When that demand sound starts happening to make these new products from PET, the “gold” will be collected.  

The platform is used by Audi for its idea generation, and is pretty slick.  If you are an originator of ideas, and people like what you are working on, they can contribute to it to make it better, so your idea then rises in importance.  Contributors who add value also rise in status.  The winners will be announced in Rio at our event on June 21st.   Judges so far are from Volvo, Nike and one of the inventors of PET bottles

The following day we will have a half-day session with stakeholders of all types who are interested, to work with the facilitator Rapid Results, whose claim to fame is that they can get groups who normally don’t work together, to work together within 100 days to solve a problem.   So, we will give people the tools, based on the winning ideas announced at Plasticity, to go home to their respective countries, and deploy these new ideas, and hopefully get something moving, as a result of Rio, within 100 days.  This will also be broadcast on Youtube. 

Capturing Gold

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