Monday, May 21, 2012

PHOTO SURVEY: A record of change of the ex-HMAS Brisbane

Nigel Marsh, has kept a photographic record of the ex HMAS Brisbane that was scuttled over  5 years ago off the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

This record is of interest as it shows that more and more dive clubs are incorporating techniques worthy of underwater naturalists. Such photographic records can provide scientists and managers with an on-going pictorial view of important local changes in the sea. The information can be viewed as a community early warning system if something is happening and may need attention. 

The process also gives divers the sense that they are looking after the ocean. Maybe your club might think about starting a photo survey collection. Learn more about photo surveys here

ex-HMAS Brisbane photo survey
BOW GUN                                       
Bow gun 3 days
Bow gun 4 months

Bow gun 1 year

Bow gun 5 years

Iron press 4 months

Iron press 5 years

Reel 3 days

Reel 5 years

Stern gun 3 days
Stern gun 5 years

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